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nutty knitters logo

We knit to help the underprivileged and support various charities – the Tygerberg Hospital, the Society of St Vincent de Paul and Little Lambs Dunoon and Soul Donations. We have over 80 knitters, some of whom are not mobile, but who knit at their various retirement villages or homes where we deliver wool and from where we fetch the finished garments. As we have grown so quickly, our wool supplies have dwindled to almost nothing and we appeal to all to donate any wool so that we can carry on doing this worthwhile work. Contact: Melodie 0215579661 (h) or e-mail

philisa abafazi bethu sa logo

Activism. Sometimes it’s sitting and listening to the hearts of volunteers – their impressions, opinions, questions and debates. The culture shock in finding out that there are certain behaviours shared between all nations. The transformation begins with the realization that you can measure reality versus what is in your heart and how it affects you. When something touches you and challenges your critical thinking – what you know or believe to be true – then three-quarters of your mission is complete. We are working towards a future where women will be free.

all my sports logo

Born in 2016, All My Sport SA is a company that provides admin and sourcing support to all codes of sport. We offer assistance on all aspects that clubs and federations need assistance with in order to advance the sporting code, from sourcing the equipment, advancing athlete management training to sports event marketing and execution. Elton ensures all used but in good condition, sports equipment goes to the right underprivileged schools.

kikstart triathlon training logo

Come and join our active Triathlon Training family. Whether you’re training for your first triathlon, want to get involved with your local club or just a fan, this is the perfect place for you. Train at a pace that is comfortable and with other trainees who share similar values and culture. We have a very supportive community and have become the best of friends. Kikstart is a regular partner with Soul Donations.

involved digital logo

We are a creative digital marketing and online advertising agency based in the heart of Cape Town. We have a strong passion for design and developing beautiful creations. Involved Digital has had the privilege of work in various industries worldwide and, as a result, we have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project. Involved Digital has worked endlessly on Soul Donation’s digital presence.

s hayward consulting logo

A technology recruitment specialists that offer recruitment training services, recruitment consulting, HR assistance, marketing collaboration and international consulting, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

As the manager of Soul Donations, we have tapped into S.Haywards network of corporates to meet our CSR targets.

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